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Jennifer Mac Story - Small Beginnings

Jennifer Mac Story - Small Beginnings

How can fresh fruits and vegetables transform a life?  I entered my late teens feeling fatigued, bloated and clouded in my thinking.  For over ten years, I suffered from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, a form of hypothyroidism—otherwise known as an underactive thyroid—caused by an autoimmune deficiency.  I’ll never forget when the doctor said diseases are degenerative and my medication would increase with age.  This was my fate, or so I thought.

My idea of eating fresh fruits and vegetables was just something to add to processed meals as a healthy addition.  A bowl of fruit or a green salad often accompanied larger portions of meat, dairy, and bread.  I considered myself a healthy eater, preferring bottled juice over soda pop and whole wheat bread instead of bleached, white bread.  However, the truth is I ate many over processed and additive-filled foods from cans, packages, and boxes labeled “healthier”, “low fat”, or “low calorie”.  

Despite my efforts, my diet resembled too closely the Standard American Diet, also known as the S.A.D. diet.  Little did I know killing the nutrients almost killed me!  However, my S.A.D. situation did not leave me hopeless.  I’m an optimist who needed answers and not the type to give up.

What changed for me was eating a diet high in raw, nutrient dense foods.  Eating raw provides the highest amount of vitamins, micronutrients, phytonutrients, and enzymes possible.   Today I’m medication free.  Now in my 30’s, I have more energy and stamina than I did a decade ago.  Do I believe eating raw food to be the cure for all ailments?  No.  But I’m convinced that my eating raw foods played a critical role in my recovery. 

I’m not one-hundred percent raw or strictly vegan, where no animal or honey bee products are eaten, but I eat a diet high in raw, plant-based foods.  It’s simple, eating raw gives you the most bang for your bite!  It was my experience, which led me to become a raw food chef and eventually write my first cookbook, The Right Blender:  Blender-only Raw Food Recipes

Why only a blender for this book?  As an American chef and instructor living and working, at the time, between China and the U.S. I've used all types of kitchen appliances.  From food processors to food dehydrators to ice cream makers, the tools and equipment used to make healthy gourmet cuisine are amazing.  However, the electrical appliance I use the most is, hands down, a blender for its ease and convenience.

I also eat cooked foods, such as cooked vegetables and rice.  When I do cook foods I keep the ingredients as natural as possible, avoiding genetically modified foods (GMO – genetically modified organisms).  This journey led to my second book Detox Delish: Your Guide to Clean Eating.  However, I find the “do not eat list” long, restrictive, and no fun.  Instead, I enjoy turning vibrant and living fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds into delicious juices, smoothies, salads, sides, entrées, and desserts.


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