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Bottle Water Alkalinity Test for pH Levels

Bottle Water Alkalinity Test

Suggested products:  Litmus pH strips, pH liquid, pH tester, and detox guide

Here are 5 bottles of water I tested for pH levels and the results.

pH stands for "potential of hydrogen" on a scale of 0 to 14, 7 being neutral.  Our blood is right around 7.4 and our saliva can differ but should be above 7. Alkaline water should be above neutral.  And some water boasts being 8.1 (ex. Proud Source Water is from pure water in the Idaho mountains) or even higher.

My results from testing 5 bottles with BOTH the pH solution (drops) and pH strips (litmus paper):

Evian Water:  Dark green pH solution and pH strip  (alkaline)

Great Value Alkaline Water:  Dark purple solution with light green strip.  The most alkaline solution with a questionable lighter colored pH strip. I am not sure why the discrepancy.  This is one reason I am glad I used both methods of the drops and strips.

Fiji Water:  Dark green pH solution and pH strip  (alkaline)

Core Water:  Dark green pH solution and pH strip  (alkaline)

Smart Water:  Yellow-ish pH solution and pH strip  (acidic)

Alkalinity is only one factor in water quality!  

Other things to consider are heavy metals, chemical residues, fluoride, etc.  If you want to go a step further in getting your water (tap, drinking, or bottled) tested I came across Health Research Institute Labs - I'll add this to my "GET START" with helpful resources on my website.

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