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Top 5 Anti-aging Benefits of Mango & the Seed for Glowing Skin

Mango & Mango Seed for Glowing Skin

Mango is one of my favorite fruits.  The mango and its seed have beauty benefits from the inside out.

#1  Digestion-  Fresh mango in the morning is a great beauty quencher.  The fiber in mangos helps with digestion and prevents constipation.  Nutrient absorption and the ability for the body to release waste and toxins is a beauty must.

#2  Healthy Heart- Rich in potassium, mango is known to promote heart health.  The Vitamin K in mangos promotes healthy bones and all the high level of anti-oxidants is touted to prevent cancers. After you benefit from eating the mango, don’t throw away that mango seed just yet!

#3  Glowing Skin- After I eat the mango, I take the left over seed and rub it on my face before taking a shower.  Mangos have Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Beta-Carotene, contributing to skin cell renewal, giving the skin a radiance and glow.

#4  Exfoliation- Not only do the enzymes in mango help renew skin cells, by gently rubbing this mango seed on the face, dead skin is gently sloughed off, making it easier for new skin cells to emerge. The mango also works as a natural astringent, helping to clear up pores, blackheads, acne, and scarring.

#5  Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles- The high level of anti-oxidants and its roll in collagen aid in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, keeping skin elastic and firm.

Jennifer Mac