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Why Video for Your Business?

deliciously healthy™ services involve video for education, entertainment, and chef services.  Video can be a powerful tool for your business.  Unlike posts on most social media platforms, which get buried after a few days, videos have the potential to get continuous views months and years after uploading, with proper SEO techniques so your video shows up in search, and the option to post one video in multiple locations.  It's simple, video has the potential to capture viewer's attention for a length of time... and that's where we come in.

Why the All-In-One Video Service?

Whether you have outsourced video work in the past or are thinking about doing videos to promote your business, our All-In-One Video Service offers simple, beginning-to-end process so you provide us feedback without doing all the work. All-In-One includes: (1) professional recipe development (2) camera operation and (3) editing. Save added cost and time it would take to piece it all togethe.



Focused on a specific niche industry, namely healthy food and healthy lifestyle companies with a passion similar to our own. We have a high regard for sustainable living, alternative "free from" recipe development, nutritious superfoods, and pure ingredients used in both the kitchen and home. 

A Discovered Need

Many companies have their own in-house video production, but not all of them.  Where many small-to-medium companies saw the benefit of video marketing, they either lacked the resources, the time to piece meal video production together, or simply had trouble keeping up with the video line up they needed to do.   

Converging Needs with Passion

These services best fit these niche markets:  Healthy food and lifestyle for both the kitchen and home.  Our passion is focused on healthy lifestyle and recipe development, especially for alternative eating, such as sustainable, eco-friendly, organic, paleo, gluten free, raw, vegan, and you name it.  

The equation is simple:  

Healthy Lifestyle + DIY Education or Recipe Development + Finished Video = Our All-In-One Video Service.

Sample Videos (using your "product" or "ingredient")

Where can I use a video?

The video featuring your product can be uploaded to your website, e-newsletter, and social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Pretty much anywhere.  And we talk more about that over the phone and in the proposal.

How does this all work?

It's pretty straight forward - after all, our job is to save you time. First, contact us by filling out the fill-in form next to the ORANGE BOX letting us know some details about yourself. We then chat to see if we are a good fit. The next step is we submit a proposal.

To Inquire about the All-In-One Video Service for the SUMMER of 2017, 

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