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Who is Vincent Fusca? Is JFK Jr Still Alive? Conspiracy Theory Dangerous

Is JFK Jr. still alive?  Did he fake his own death on July 16, 1999 in a plane crash? This theory also includes his wife, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and her sister, Lauren Bessette. Before you start laughing, hear me out.  You know how I know JFK Jr. is alive? Easy, Elvis just called and told me.

Just kidding… about Elvis calling, that is. How to remain objective on such a topic?  Simple.  Ask questions - ask a lot of questions. This is a quick review to decipher between what looks like crazy thinking of starry-eyed wishful conspirators to insightful speculations of individuals attempting to connect some thought-provoking dots.

First, let’s define the phrase “conspiracy theory”. Conspiracy theory is a belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for a circumstance or event.  From my view point, the belief that JFK Jr., Carolyn and Lauren are still living falls into the category of conspiracy theory. However, truth can be stranger than fiction and I’m willing to starting lining up and connecting factual dots as best as I can.

Second, some may say one should be careful and not waste time or get into such speculations and far-fetched ideas.  There is some truth to these warnings. Nevertheless, I believe one should never be afraid to ask questions. It is often those unanswered questions, those tough uncomfortable ones that cause others to roll their eyes or laugh you off as a complete fill-in-the-blank.

Do most people believe in conspiracy theories?  Sure they do.  One example is President Kennedy’s death.  In one poll I read, sixty-one percent of Americans do not believe there was a lone shooter, but instead, more than one person was involved in his murder.  If this is true, then the “new conspiracy” is traditional lone shooter theory.  No need to get off topic, but my point is simply that it’s okay to ask questions.

When things sound ridiculous or far-fetched, why not ask, “Why does this person believe this?” or “What evidence do they have to reach such a conclusion?”.  We will now look at two points, or two theories, that JFK Jr. and company remain alive today.  These two points are not extensive research. Do your own research and homework.

One is appearances which I show in the video and the other is Qanon. “Q” or Qanon is believed to be a military operation and dissemination plan of getting information out to the public that has been blinded by mainstream media.  The video with this article is not about Qanon, but it is the foundation for what springs forth the curiosity, the hidden meanings, and pointers to the JFK Jr. phenomenon.   New to Q?  Stop right now and follow these two links.

I want to note here, from everything that I’ve read or seen, Qanon has not stated JFK Jr. and company are alive or that they faked their own deaths.  Many Q followers believe the JFK Jr. theory not only a massive rabbit trail of a distraction, but it is dangerous because it hurts and discredits the seriousness of the Q movement.

With that said, Qanon is the foundation for this theory. Here are a couple example posts or “drops” as they are called in the Q community, one showing that Qanon gives much reverence to President Kennedy and the other being more specific to JFK Jr.

QPOST 2018 Rest in Peace President Kennedy.png
QPOST 2018-04-18 POTUS JFK Jr.png

Here are a few investigators diving deep into this JFK Jr. movement:


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