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Recipes in this section include both raw food and whole "cooked" food recipes.  Many of these recipes will be plant-based along with a portion having animal-based products, often including a vegan or vegetarian option.  From my background and experience to the classes I've taught and in-home training, I cover many special types of food preferences from vegan to paleo to low glycemic (low sugar), meeting a wide range of deliciously healthy food connoisseurs.  

JMAC's be deliciously healthy® McApple

JMAC's be deliciously healthy® McApple

JENNIFER MAC is the author of Detox Delish:  You're Guide To Clean Eating and The Right Blend:  Blender-only Raw Food Recipes.

The McApple

4-5 Red Apples

1 Kiwi

1 Banana

2 tablespoons nut or seed butter

1 tablespoon carob or cacao powder

1 teaspoon honey

1 teaspoon White Sesame Seeds

6-12 toothpicks

Directions:  For the fries, peel an apple and cut out 2-inch wedges in length.  Take another apple, slice the bottom and top off.  This apple will be your fry holder.  Cut toothpicks in half and insert into each fry and then attach to the top of the fry holder.  For the burger, mix together the nut butter, carob, and honey until a play dough texture is formed. Roll into a ball and then flatten into a patty-shaped burger.  To assemble, take two unpeeled apple slice buns and insert the burger, banana slices, and kiwi slices.  To garnish, coat a thin layer of honey on the top apple bun so the sesame seeds will stick.  MAKES 1-2