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My green smoothie detox

My green smoothie detox

PRODUCTS:  I like to drink or store fresh juices and smoothies in glass jars with lids, such as ball, kerr, or mason jars.  Currently, I use a vitamix blender (the short version with the wider base is easier to store in cupboards,  scrape contents out of the bottom, and I feel like it blends contents better).  There are other good, affordable blenders and in my book "The Right Blend:  Blender-only Raw Food Recipes" I make recipes which can be made in almost any type of blender.

My green smoothie detox

1 bunch kale, de-stemmed

2 bananas

1 orange or 1 mango (or both!)

1/2 squeeze lemon

2-3 cups ice cubes (optional)

Superfood ingredients:  Green powder, vitamin c, hemp or flax seed oil, mineral powders.

DIRECTION:  Blend together until smooth.


Jennifer Mac