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FREAK ALLEY is a creative art alley downtown Boise featuring the many talented artists in our area.  This day did a photo shoot and I joined the crew, including Bianca, Maike, Lexi, and James!  After a quick lunch it was off to Fallapalooza!

FALLAPALOOZA is an event put on by Indigo Idaho, and led by Brittany Price, that brings awareness to domestic abuse.  Many vendors participated and there was entertainment and games.  Here are a few of the gems I met!

ambassadors of buzz.png

XPAND is a company led by Zerin Leon Beattie, which focuses on mindfulness and physical strength.  He is also quite the artist!  You can see him in the video.

BLUEBIRD BOUTIQUE is one of its kind in the Treasure Valley.  Jamey Holloway and Tracy Yancey started a women’s clothing line without the barrier of sizes.  Inclusion is key with them and they are all heart.  They don’t have a brick and mortar so go visit

F.U.S.E. stands for Fostering a Unified and Soulful Energy and these girls can dance!  This group is a collective group of talented dancers from the Treasure Valley led by Tori Campbell and Shannon Keightley.  They currently don’t have a location but meet at different locations and are looking to start teaching beginner lessons, such as dance and Zumba as they are strong advocates of community involvement and getting adults moving.

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