"I have to say, Jenny’s Pure Food® desserts (and The Jennifer Mac) have significantly improved the way I approach food overall.  Eating healthy is absolutely delicious!  Finding desserts that I’m excited about and feel good about eating have helped to round-out my healthy lifestyle!  The Lemon Cream Custard is one of the best treats to buy at my local Co-op!"

​Tana, Photographer -  Tana Photography


"Original and practical, simple yet comprehensive, Jennifer Mac’s first-hand account of zestfully eating one’s way back to health is a gift to all who want to nourish both their health and eating pleasure."

—David McCown, Owner of Treasure Valley Salsa

CONNECT WITH ME According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one out of every two American adults suffer from either heart disease, stroke, cancer, obesity, type 2 diabetes, or arthritis.  Health and wholeness are not all about food, but why the kale not give ourselves a fighting chance?  Get insider tips straight from my kitchen, including (1) whole & raw food recipes, (2) natural health tips, and (3) natural beauty hacks.  And remember, healthy - it's not all about carrot sticks, baby!  Join me and be deliciously healthy! JENNIFER MAC


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"Jennifer has once again written a life-changing recipe book unlike any other that will jumpstart you on your way to amazing health. I have personally observed Jennifer’s lifestyle and food choices even on several international trips for nine days with our family and friends, and she is the real deal. Don’t walk but run to read this book. Its cutting edge recipes will change your health and add quality years to your life as you look and feel amazing."

Dr. David Herzog, Author of Jumpstart!


"I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer Mac while on a photo shoot, which was catered with her amazing raw food creations.  A year and a half ago I made a change in my diet for the better and the beauty of her food and recipes is that it's not only delicious, but that it fits into my eating regimen.  I highly recommend Jennifer Mac and her recipes."

​Victorio Piva, Model - Victorio Piva


"Jennifer has a passion for food and healthy living and it is so evident in how she lives out her life. I’m certain that whoever reads this book will benefit greatly in improving their lifestyle."

Gary Lim, CEO, North America Flagship Food Group


"As an active 77-year-old video journalist working on numerous dangerous assignments, I find it necessary to keep my body and mind as physically fit as possible. Jennifer’s book is a carefully researched work, providing delicious and nutritionally advanced recipes to help lose weight, restore proper body functions, and give us the vitality that God intended for use to have."

Patrick Matrisciana, Founder,
Jeremiah Films​

"I eat a lot of salads and drink juices and smoothies.  Flipping through Jennifer Mac's book, I was amazed at some of her raw cuisine and wanted to taste as many dishes as possible.  My husband's birthday was just around the corner and I wanted to give him a birthday party quite different from the usual.  Jennifer Mac catered the party with mostly raw food cuisine - including his birthday cake!

Dr. Mihoko Nelson, MD


"Jennifer’s creativity shines through with raw and healthy recipes to tantalize your taste buds and tempt your tummy. This book is a must-have, go-to resource for anyone serious about detoxifying in a healthy and holistic way. It is an intelligently written, fun, and inspiring culinary resource to maximize your good health."

Susan Kleinschmidt, CEO, Good Insights Strategy


"We at Global Gourmet Magazine, congratulate Jennifer Mac for her new book Detox Delish. The book will surely benefit the lives of many people just as Jennifer’s regular column in our publication has been enhancing the health and lifestyle of our readers all over. Detox Delish truly embraces the natural goodness of foods for wellness and vitality, offering wise and wide approaches to creative flavors enjoyable by palates of all cultures."

Ricky Xu, Publisher, Global Gourmet Magazine

An honest, pure and informative book straight from the heart. Jennifer has a beautiful way of blending her recipes into her personal life instances. Detox and Clean Eating is a clear example of “practice before you preach” and Jennifer has kept it simple and doable. A warm and refreshing book which is a must have for everyone and I will definitely share with many of my personal and professional friends.

Vijaykumar Mirchandani,  Award winning Documentary Filmmaker

“Where The Streets Have No Name” and “They are No Less”


"Jennfer Mac's desserts SAVED me during a very necessary sugar detox.  I was able to get the sugar out of my system, and yet still feel like I was completely indulging!  The lemon custard dessert is absolutely luscious.   I always keep them in my freezer for friends who are sensitive to allergens or trying to cut back on sugar.  It's nice to be the hostess who is able to make sure everyone's able to enjoy the celebration!  Won't be long before these [Jenny's Pure Food] delectable treats make waves in the nation nutrition industry!"

Natalie, Founder of ​Hello Meridian