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My passion is to encourage others to be deliciously healthy - hey, it's not an oxymoron.  How can fresh fruits and vegetables transform a life?  I entered my late teens feeling fatigued, bloated and clouded in my thinking.  For over ten years, I suffered from Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, a form of hypothyroidism otherwise known as an underachieve thyroid caused by an autoimmune deficiency.  I'll never forget when the doctor said diseases are degenerative and my medication would increase with age.  This was my fate, or so I thought.

Athletic since youth, it was hard to view myself as ill.  I had a lot going for me.  Growing up on a farm in Idaho, fresh air, clean water, and seasonal produce surrounded me.  This was part of the benefits package that came with country living.  I grew up in a small town called Fruitland.  With a name like that, no wonder the peaches were sweeter, the plums juicier, and the apples crispier than any from supermarkets.

My idea of eating fresh fruits and vegetables was just something to add to processed meals as a healthy addition.  A bowl of fruit or a green salad often accompanied larger portions of processed foods with mysterious fillers, neon colors, and preservatives.  I considered myself a healthy eater, preferring bottled juice over soda pop and whole wheat bread instead of bleached, white bread, but the truth is I ate many over processed and additive-filled foods from cans, packages, and boxes labeled "healthier", "low fat", or "low calorie".  Despite my efforts, my diet resembled too closely the Standard American Diet, also known as the S.A.D. diet.  Little did I know killing the nutrients almost killed me!  Over time, my health improved and the common denominator was my gradual move toward eating more naturally, specifically whole and raw foods.

After studying at Living Light Culinary Institute in Northern California, I started teaching raw food classes while living overseas in Mainland China. Since then I've written two recipe books.
 Today, I work in recipe creation, recipe development and specialize in probiotics, fermentation, raw pastries and whole foods creations -- steamed, baked, prepared raw or just eaten whole!​​

Be Deliciously Healthy JENNIFER MAC™ SERVICES

  • Hire Jennifer Mac per Day (starting at $950)  Contact Jennifer for a customized quote.
  • Recipe Creation and Development
  • ​Article Writing and Blogging
  • Online Video Demos & Teachings
  • ​Food Styling, Photography, Graphic Design, and Photoshop
  • Product Promotion/Sponsorship

Promote your product/service in a video by Jennifer Mac (starts at $450)


  • Phone call to receive or brainstorm content ideas
  • Pre-approval for the product/service (determine if we're a good match)
  • Jennifer provides a one-page video script with details (2 round process)
  • Video is 5 minutes or less (sometimes shorter is better)
  • Payment is due before pre-production starts
  • Client receives video link from Jennifer Mac's YouTube Channel
  • ​Video link can be posted on Client's website, social media, newsletter, etc.
  • Video is posted throughout Jennifer Mac's online platforms as well
  • Clients are not present during production process
  • For services outside this PROCESS, request a customized quote

TIMELINE:  Allow 2 Weeks.  The following must be received before starting:

  • Client logos
  • Client URL's (website/social media platforms)
  • Written Content
  • Products, Props


  • Video content writing (or editing existing information)
  • Video production and editing
  • Graphic Design in video
  • ​Voice Over (if needed)


  • Office Cell:  (208) 249-1893 (please leave VM for prompt reply)
  • Email:  jenniferannmcclelland(at)
  • Direct Messaging through Instagram and Twitter also works.

Deliciously Healthy™ Services by Jennifer Mac

Jennifer Mac is the author of The Right Blend:  Blender-only Raw Food Recipes and Detox Delish:  Your Guide to Clean Eating.  She is a whole food and raw food chef.  With roots in Idaho, Jennifer Mac got her start pioneering the raw food movement in China after graduating from Living Light Culinary Institute in Northern California.  She’s appeared in numerous publications, such as Global Times and Mary Jane’s Farm Magazine as well as television appearances on CCTV (China Central Television), Blue Ocean Network and International Shanghai Channel.  Jennifer Mac’s work experience covers cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Los Angeles.  After 10+ years on medication for an autoimmune disease, Jennifer’s happy to say she kicked the ol’ bottle... pill bottle, that is!   Based in Boise, she started a line of healthy, low-glycemic desserts called Jenny’s Pure Food® and helps out with Boise Farmer's Market.  Visit her website,